2020-2022 Proceedings: Pandemic Edition

Editor’s note

Marsha R. Robinson, Human Persistence throughout the Pandemic

Presidential Addresses

Marsha R. Robinson, 2020 President, We Are More Than Stardust

Donna M. DeBlasio, 2021 President, Oral History: Catching the Stories of Our Lives

David J. Staley, 2022 President, The Responsibility of Image Source Criticism

Humans and Economic History

Jared W. Miller, Transformation through Captivity: An Examination of Mary Jemison’s Changing Views

David Torbett, Daniel Parker: Travel, Slavery, and Truth-seeking in 1845

Jennifer L. Williams, Collection and Commodification: Three ‘Rushes’ to Southeast Alaska between 1870 – 1940

Madison Stump-Smith, Part of the Solution or Causing Pollution? Changes in Earth Day Practices at Bowling Green State University in the Late 20th Century

Humans and Political History

Jacob Mach, Immigrant Voters, Party Politics, and Black Suffrage in Reconstruction Ohio

Stephanie K. Bohnak, ‘Raids and ‘Rackets’ Arouse Cleveland: Bootlegging and Dry Agents in Cleveland, Ohio 1919-1924

Humans and Military History

Molly M. Sergi, Emily Nash, Layer of the Dead: Death and Disease in Nineteenth-Century Geauga County

R. F. M. Williams, All Blood Runs Red: Triple Nickle Paratroopers Jump Start Integration

Michael Taint, Major General George Owen Squier: Father of American Airpower and Military Technocracy

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