Academic Year 2022-2023


(Officers can be contacted through the highlighted links.)

Senior Officers (Elected)

President, Joan Cashin, The Ohio State University,

Vice-President, Daniel Rivers, The Ohio State University,

Immediate Past President, David J. Staley, The Ohio State University,

Secretary-Treasurer, Janet Bednarek, University of Dayton,

Council Members (Elected)

Public History

Marcelle Wilson, Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor (2021-2024)

Public University

Lavanya Vemsani, Shawnee State University (2021-2024) , Twitter: @ProfVemsani

Martha Pallante, Youngstown State University (2022-2025),

Private College

Julie Mujic, Denison University (2023-2026)

David Strittmatter, Ohio Northern University (2022-2025),

Two-Year College or Regional Campus

Bradley Keefer, Kent State, Ashtabula (2023-2026)

Past or Present Grade 7-12 Teacher

Donald Eberle, Napoleon Area City Schools, (2023-2026)

Ex-Officio (Appointed)

Newsletter Editor, Vacant

Editor of Proceedings, Vacant

Webmaster, Betsy Hedler, Ohio History Connection

Archivist, Mary Ann Heiss, Kent State University,

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Ohio Academy of History Committees, 2023-2024

Standing Committees

Conference Committee (Spring 2024 Annual Meeting)

David Steigerwald, The Ohio State University (Chair),

Joan Cashin (ex officio), The Ohio State University,

Daniel Rivers(ex officio), The Ohio State University,

Janet Bednarek, University of Dayton (ex officio),

Program Committee (Spring 2024 Annual Meeting)

Margaret Sumner, The Ohio State University-Marion (Chair),

Jose Diaz, Case Western Reserve University,  

Dea Boster, Columbus State University,

Joan Cashin (ex officio), The Ohio State University,

Janet Bednarek, University of Dayton (ex officio),

Membership Committee

Dan Vandersommers, University of Dayton, , Chair

John Bickers, Case Western Reserve University,   

Rahul Nair, Antioch College,    

Kevin Kern, The University of Akron,   

Daniel Kilbride, John Carroll University,   

Nominating Committee

Paul Lockhart, Wright State University, , chair

Peter Hahn, The Ohio State University,

Donna DeBlasio, Youngstown State University, emerita,    

Professional Development and Outreach Committee

On hold.

Committee on Public History

Bailey Yoder, Massillon Museum, , chair    

Cheryl Dong, Bowling Green State University,   

Carol Lasser, Oberlin College, emerita,

Prize Committees

Dissertation Award Committee

Hongshan Li, Kent State University-Tuscarawas, , chair

Aviva Rothman, Case Western Reserve University,  

Elizabeth Smith-Pryor, Kent State University-Kent,   

Distinguished Historian Award Committee

Kimberly Hamlin, Miami University, , chair   

Daniel Rivers, The Ohio State University,    

James Frank Turner, The Ohio State University-Newark,     

Distinguished Service Award Committee

David Staley(ex officio), The Ohio State University,

Joan Cashin (ex officio), The Ohio State University,

Janet Bednarek (ex officio), University of Dayton,

Junior Faculty Research Fund Committee

Helen Sheumaker, Miami University, , chair   

Leslie Heaphy, Kent State University-Stark,  

Glenn McNair, Kenyon College,

Publication Award Committee

Kip Curtis, The Ohio State University-Mansfield, , chair    

Kathleen Smythe, Xavier University,  

Michael Carrafiello, Miami University,

Teaching Award Committee

Alcira Duenas, The Ohio State University-Newark, , chair  

Robin Judd, The Ohio State University,     

Kevin McGruder, Antioch College,