Public History Award Nomination

2021 Public History Award

The Ohio Academy of History invites nominations for its annual Public History Award. The purpose of this award is to encourage the dissemination of historical scholarship beyond the walls of academe. To be nominated, a public history project, publication, or program must have been accomplished within the previous two years and completed by December 15, 2020. All public history fields are included: exhibits, publications, audio/visual documentaries, oral histories, public programs, symposia, archival projects, and historic preservation education projects. 

Nominated projects, publications, or programs must:

  • demonstrate original research that adds to a greater understanding of the past,
  • demonstrate creativity in organization and presentation,
  • demonstrate originality or uniqueness in design and historical interpretation,
  • accomplish a goal of educating or communicating with the intended audience,
  • follow commonly accepted rules of evidence and logic in providing proof of statements, facts, and conclusions.

Submit nominations to the committee chair by December 15, 2020.

Donna M. DeBlasio, Chair, Youngstown State University,

Susan Tietz, Ohio History Connection  

Marcelle Wilson, Youngstown Historical Center,

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