Dissertation Awards

2024 Katherine Ranum, University of Cincinnati “Hearing the Gospel in a Silent World: Faith, Disability, and Anomalous Bodies in the British Atlantic, 1680-1860”

2023 Dillon Streinfeneder, The Ohio State University, “’The Propriety of a Vigorous Government’: State Formation in New York, 1740-1795”

2022 Sara Halpern, The Ohio State University, “Saving the Unwanted: The International Response to Shanghai’s Jewish Refugees, 1943-1949”

2021 No award given

2020 Isacar Alexander Bolaños, The Ohio State University, “Environmental Management and the Iraqi Frontier during the Late Ottoman Period, 1831 – 1909”

2019 John Knight, The Ohio State University, “Our Nation’s Future? Chinese Imaginations of the Soviet Union, 1917-1956”

2018 Ayse Baltacioglu-Brammer, The Ohio State University, “Safavid Conversion in Ottoman Anatolia and the Ottoman Reaction, 1440s-1630s”

2017 Jesse Tarbert, Case Western Reserve University, “When Good Government Meant Big Government: Nationalism, Racism, and the Quest to Strengthen the American State, 1918-1933.”

2016 No award given

2015 Daniel A. Vandersommers, The Ohio State University, “Laboratories, Lyceums, Lords: The National Zoological Park and the Transformations of Humanism in Nineteenth-Century America”

2014 Steven L. Haynes, Kent State University, “Alternative Vision: The United States, Latin America, and the League of Nations during the Republican Ascendancy”

2013 Katherine C. Epstein, The Ohio State University, “Inventing the Military-Industrial Complex: Torpedo Development, Property Rights, and Naval Warfare in the United States and Great Britain before World War I”

2012 Mark Soderstrom, The Ohio State University, “Enlightening the Land of Midnight: Peter Slotsov, Ivan Kalasnikov, and the Saga of Russian Siberia”

2011 Michael Mwenda Kithinji, Bowling Green State University, “From Colonial Elitism to Moi’s Populism: The Policies and Politics of University Education in Kenya, 1949-2002”

2010 Luke A. Nichter, Bowling Green State University, “Richard Nixon and Europe: Confrontation and Cooperation, 1969-1974”

2009 Aaron Cowan, University of Cincinnati, “A Nice Place to Visit: Tourism, Urban Revitalization and the Transformation of Postwar American Cities”

2008 Bradley Keefer, Kent State University, “Constructing Memories of the ‘River of Death’: Conflict, Landscape, and the Impact of the Spanish-American War on the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park”

2007 Haimanti Roy, University of Cincinnati, “Citizenship and National Identity in Post-Partition Bengal, 1947-65”

2006 James David Anthony Waite, Ohio University, “The End of the First Indochina War: An International History”

2005 W. Douglas McCombs, Kent State University, “Therapeutic Rusticity: The Wilderness Vacation in the Northeastern United States, 1869-1915.”

2004 James F. Guy, Kent State University, “The Public Life of a Private Man: Samuel Ward, 1725-1776.”

2003 Susan Schmidt Horning, Case Western Reserve University, “Chasing Sound: The Culture and Technology of Recording Studios in America, 1877-1977.”

2002 Sanjam Ahluwalia, University of Cincinnati, “Controlling Births, Policing Sexualities: A History of Birth Control in Colonial India, 1877-1946.”

2001 Phillip C. Adamo, The Ohio State University, “New Monks, Old Habits: The Formation of the Caulite Monastic Order, 1193-1305.”

2000 Arthur DeMatteo, The University of Akron, “Urban Reform, Politics, and the Working Classes: Detroit, Toledo, and Cleveland, 1890-1920.”

1999 Philip Catton, Ohio University, “Parallel Agendas: The Ngo Dinh Diem Regime, the United States, and the Strategic Hamlet Program, 1961-1963.”

1998 Molly Winger Berger, Case Western Reserve University, “The Modern Hotel in America, 1829-1929.”

1997 Catherine M. Rokicky, Kent State University, “Christian Statesman and Reformer: James Monroe of Oberlin, 1821-1898.”

1996 David Brown, University of Toledo, “The Political Culture of the Whig Party in Ohio.”

1995 Elsa Barkley Brown, Kent State University, “Uncle Ned’s Children: Negotiating Community and Freedom in Post-Emancipation Richmond Virginia.”


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