Teaching Award Nomination

2017 Distinguished Teaching Award

The Ohio Academy of History invites nominations for its annual Distinguished Teaching Award. The award recognizes faculty in mid- or late career who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to teaching and service in Ohio. The committee is cognizant of the work involved in putting forward nominations for the teaching prize, so each nomination will be kept on file and considered annually by the committee for at least three years. Please send a nomination letter with supporting evidence (in an electronic format) to the chair of the Teaching Award Committee by January 1, 2017.

Appropriate supporting evidence should include:

  • course syllabi
  • examination questions and paper assignments
  • student and peer evaluations
  • any other evidence of a sustained record of impact on students


Benjamin Pugno, Columbus State Community College (2017)  ude.c1503475665csc@o1503475665ngupb1503475665

Committee Members:

Renee Baernstein, Miami University (2018), ude.h1503475665oimai1503475665m@rps1503475665nreab1503475665

Dwayne Beggs, Lourdes University (2019), ude.s1503475665edruo1503475665l@sgg1503475665eBA1503475665



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